in Italy

YOUGO was founded in december 2014 by Franco, Mario and Patrizia Ugo in order to realize the ambitious goal to relaunch the concept of technological innovation made in Italy applied to the automation processes in retail market.

& Integration

All the YOUGO systems are modular solutions, made up of hardware and software, able to offer full customization and complete integration possibilities; they are systems that can be used in any kind of store with any existing operating system/platform.

& Reliability

All YOUGO systems are able to guarantee security and cash flow efficiency improving the cash management procedures of the stores.
All our systems are equipped with the stacking and heat-sealing tamper-evident bags system designed by YOUGO.

Internet of Things

Our software platform is a cloud based cash management tool through which our devices send data relating to all transactions and all the events occurred to a cloud server and through which they receive information from the external environment (i.e. sw & fw). Our architecture allows easy and secure access to the data stored on the cloud, at any time, from anywhere, using any device, simply by a browser. With our platform we realize the Internet of things on our Cash Management devices.

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