Successfully tested:

  • U-BUNDLE  is a deposit system intelligent, innovative and easy to integrate
  • U-BUNDLE allows the deposit of a bundle of banknotes
  • U-BUNDLE has an incredible acceptance rate: 5/6 banknotes per second
  • U-BUNDLE is the perfect solution to manage medium cash volumes
  • U-BUNDLE allows real time remote control and same day credit

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U-Bundle is an innovative and advanced technology solution able to guarantee security and cash flow efficiency improving the cash management procedures of the stores

U-bundle is equipped with YOUGO Bundle advanced technology providing maximum performance in banknotes processing, up to 4/5 notes per second. U-Bundle is equipped with YOUGO stacking and heat-sealing tamper-evident bags system - two different capacity, 2400* or 4000* banknotes, so it is medium / large volume solution for managing the weekly business cash deposit process.

U-Bundle reduces the cost of retail cash management and back office administration, removes cash-counting responsibilities from your staff and saves time on manual counting and verification.

Employees use a touch screen to confirm their identification and to speed up the insertion of the bundle of banknotes; banknotes are processed securely and efficiently, reducing the risk of robbery, preventing shrinkage and eliminating cash differences.

Using our software platform, retailer obtain monitoring in real-time, transaction transparency and reporting functions and gets also control over an entire network of note deposit units. The Retailer can share the real-time access to cash levels with CIT partners, so the retailer is able to optimize the route planning and the pick-up times for a more efficient service. With this software platform is also possible to get Same-Day Credit: deposited amounts can be accredited to the bank account during the same working day for a better operating cash-flow.

U-Bundle is divided into two parts, Top and Safe, the Top validates and counts the banknotes, that when they pass in the safe change ownership: only those authorized can open the safe and take the sealed bag.


YOUGO Validator
- Bundle up to 100 Notes
- Reject capacity: 25 notes
- 5-6 b/s
- Verify
- Reject banknotes doubtful (ECB Legislation).
- Currencies: Euro, YGO, Swiss Franc (US dollar, Pound in development)

Display: 7" touchscreen

PC board: Integrated

Printer: Integrated

Barcode reader: Integrated

Badge reader: Optional

Connection: LAN - Optional WIFI/GPRS

Power supply: Internal


Deposit system: Stacking storage system in a heat sealed tamper proof bag designed by YOUGO

Closing and Sealing bag system: the system automatically seals (heating it) the bag before the opening of the safe. Designed by YOUGO

Bag capacity: 4000* notes Opt. 2400* notes

Safe (4000): Strong Box 6mm with key lock

Dimensions/Weight (4000): 405 x 600 x 1051mm (w x d x h) / 154kg

Opt. Manual Vault Drop with anti fishing



*guaranteed for Euro flat & fit


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